Gel Inserts

Energy-Infused Gel Inserts that Feel Great on Your Feet

We think you are going to love these gel inserts as much as we do. They are infused with energy frequencies to align with your body's electrical field.

Imagine getting a massage all day long - by walking in your shoes! And feeling energetic as a result!

If your feet are tired of the daily abuse, consider trying a pair of Energy-Infused Gel Inserts.

Only $39.99

In fact, customers who have tried them claim results like these:

  • Feeling more Energetic
  • Able to Stand on their Feet longer without Feeling Tired
  • More Energy during Sports Activities
  • Lessening of Foot and Leg Pain
  • In some cases, complete Elimination of Foot/Leg Pain

Energy-Infused Gel Inserts can be used in all sorts of shoes - tennis shoes, loafers, walking shoes. Even house slippers! Going to an Orthopedic Doctor for custom-fit shoe inserts can cost hundreds of dollars or more! We've got customers who claim these work as well, or better, than inserts they've gotten from foot doctors. Including many customers who got inserts from doctors that were so hard they caused muscle cramps in their feet.

Do your own soles some good. Visit our Store and Buy your own pair now for only $39.99

One Size fits all. These inserts are marked with guides along the top to show where they can be trimmed down to fit any shoe size.

Includes FREE Shipping!

Top View

Bottom View

Free Lifetime Warranty!

If it ever breaks, just send it
back for a replacement.  We'll even take care of the postage to you!

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100% Lifetime Replacement Guarantee!

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