Introducing the iBand II - Contains a 8GB USB!

Our original iBand was so popular, we decided to make it even better. Now, not only can you experience all the things you loved about the iBand, but you can also bring all your data with you. That's right, the iBand II contains an 8GB USB!

Current Special! The iBand II is on SALE for the low price of - only $19.99!

The iBand II, like its predecessor, contains two Mylar Holograms specially aligned to harmonize with the electro-magnetic field surrounding your body.


The iBand II is on SALE for only $19.99!

Just like you, we love high quality combined with multi-function. So we've embedded a fast, stable and wearable 8GB USB drive in the iBand II.

Now while enjoying the benefits of the original iBand, you can bring along all those important things you need.

  • Need to bring a term paper to class? Stick it on you iBand II.
  • Never go anywhere without your pictures? Stow them on your iBand II.
  • Like to keep that last episode of 'The Walking Dead' handy. Keep it on your iBand II.
  • Want to print off your business card? Put the file on your iBand II and take it to the printer.
  • Have more ideas for how to use the iBand II? Send them to us here: Great uses for the iBand II.

No more rummaging through purses, pockets, or in between seat cushions to find where the heck you left your USB stick.

Keep all your needed data right around your wrist with the iBand II.

We hope you enjoy the iBand II as much as we are. One of our staffers uses his to take pictures of our bands and then downloads the pictures from his camera onto his iBand. He had so much fun with it, we decided to let him wear two - one on each wrist!

Purchase the iBand II - only $19.99!

Note: Treat the new iBand II as you would any USB. It is NOT waterproof, so take it off for hand washing, dishwashing, showering, etc.

Free Lifetime Warranty!

If it ever breaks, just send it
back for a replacement.  We'll even take care of the postage to you!

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